Are Private Investigators Regulated In Melbourne

Private investigators are licensed and regulated in Melbourne, Victoria. The state claims that anyone who practices without a license in Victoria as a private investigator will be arrested on the basis of breach of law. But in many other states and countries across the world, private investigators are allowed to work without a license. Licenses for Private Investigators in Melbourne, Australia are issued and administered by the police services in conjunction with courts. People are advised to hire only licensed private investigators even if they are costly because they are secure and answerable to the agency and the Government

Many times, unlicensed detectives will quote lesser prices for the same services. But most of them are unreliable and one can lose money by trusting them. The agencies offering private investigation services should have a business license and private investigators should have individual licence to practice the trade in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. The licenses in most of the states in Australia are issued by police officials. But in few cases they are issued and managed by Government agencies such as fair Trading.

To get a licence, one should take up a Certificate 3 in investigative Services course through a Registered Training Organization or RTO such as ASSI or TAFE. The rules of this course vary in different states and territories in the continent of Australia. The Australian Capital Territory on the other hand does not require private investigators to be licensed. But these investigators are facing a dearth of clients because insurance companies and several other private organizations only wish to perform business deals with licensed private investigators.

In Melbourne, Victoria, private investigators are licensed and regulated by the Licensing Services Division (LSD) which is run by the Victoria Police under the provisions of the Private Security Act of 2004.To obtain a license, the Certificate 3 in Investigative Services must be not much older than 12 months to be acceptable.

The applicants who wish to become a licensed private investigator in Melbourne must complete the appropriate training successfully. Probity requirements or criminal history check must be performed o the candidates. Certain criminal or other offences prohibit people from getting a licence. Licences may require certain other conditions to be fulfilled. These conditions may relate to training, supervision or case by case circumstances. Prospective investigators maybe eligible for Recognition of prior Learning or RPL. Also one who wishes to be a licensed private investigator should be more than 18 years old in Melbourne.