Benefits Of Ujigami Software

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What is Ujigami Software?

Ujigami software is used in the field of automotive industry to increase the productivity and provide the customers with zero defects in products. Ujigami is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) developed over a period of 20 years and the software technology provides plant floor solutions to Automotive companies.

Ujigami software offers following features:

  • The software provides you with best supervisory level and real-time monitoring of all processes occurring on plant floor.
  • The software does redundant verification to check whether subsystems are in control or not.
  • The software checks for any changes from local process to implement the changes in system.
  • The software will monitor all the production control points remotely.
  • Global Roaming via pagers, cell phones, and wireless PDAs.
  • The software prepares according to any automatic severity and notification escalation for critical events.

In order to manufacture any automotive, overall control taken by the Ujigami to provide the total plant floor integration of equipment and manpower systems. With its intelligent manufacturing system, software offers the highest level of production with best quality.

Benefits of Ujigami:

Everyone working in an organization should use and benefit from the Ujigami advantage.

  1. Operators in an organization are receiving real-time instruction and visual work guidance which helps them to mark defects on the bad product.
  2. With the help of Ujigami, Supervisors will know only certified operators are only working in the system. They will also receive real-time notification of any problems. In addition to this, Ujigami system makes intelligent decisions and providing supervisors, a report about areas for improvement.
  3. Engineers are feeling easy to maintain the plant-floor devices, as Ujigami system provides them all details to focus on Continuous Improvement requirements and results. Since, the system is interfacing with all plant-floor devices, it is very easy for engineers to monitor the plant-floor devices.
  4. As Ujigami software provides Dock-to-Dock management, managers can able to get standardized reports of OEE, quality, productivity and delivery.
  5. It is very easy for IT department to install and maintain the plant-floor devices, as no special hardware configuration is required.
  6. Ujigami software is cost competitive but, there are lot of benefits that an organization will gain out of it and it helps to make your manufacturing operation, a great success with zero defects.