Forecast for Ripple

Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of popularity with each passing day. Every day lots of new investors are joining the band wagon hoping that the currency rates will increase and they can get huge profits. In the field of cryptocurrencies it is a common enough practice for people to invest in top currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. But people who research the crypto currency market thoroughly and are aware of the trends vouch by Ripple as the next popular cryptocurrency. The currency is showing a great promise and has managed to grab the eye of investors these days.

According to the World Bank, the global remittance payments are going to reach a value of $466 billion in the year 2018.many people are not a3ware of the fact that, this can make the value of Ripple to soar in the coming years. Ripple is not just a cryptocurrency with a value attached to it, but the makers have created it with another purpose of being able to transfer money across countries. According to latest news, Ripple is now associated with three of the five biggest names in the industry who are involved in the process or remittance providing.

In the future, Ripple will be also associated with commercial banks who are now planning to get away with the age old SWIFT system. When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, the price of Ripple increased nearly 4000% in the first half of 2017.This is a small cryptocurrency and can be compared to a penny stock. Hence price fluctuations are quite common in this cryptocurrency. Ripple Forecast is currently available in 30 of the cryptocurrency exchanges which is a major proof of its popularity.

The Ripple company further goes on to state that the company managed to get transactions worth $11.06 billion in the second quarter of 2017 alone. The company behind Ripple is not into mining unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, the company owns the entire lot of this currency. Also the company is more focussed on its international payments than trying to be the currency of the future like its peers. This focus of Ripple and its dual function is the reason behind instilling confidence among its investors.

The Ripple company further makes use of highly advanced technology .This technology helps it to process up to 70,000 transactions every second. This is huge in comparison with Bitcoin which amounts to only a meagre seven transactions every second. If you intend to invest in the cryptocurrency market, then Ripple is undoubtedly the best choice