Get Best Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames have come a long way since they were introduced way back. Initially the frames were only capable of displaying photos in the form of a slide show. But with time technology has improved drastically. Also nowadays people have access to some of the newest smart phones and wifi digital frame their ever improving cameras which can aid them to take numerous photos. This has increased the need for a device where one can store hundreds of photos. Digital photo frames are hence considered best for this purpose. The frames have good internal memory and they can be also accessed using a remote control. The rates of these digital photo frames have also come down and the quality is much better than before.

Some of the best digital frames that are available in the market are

  • Nixplay seed 8-inch wi-fi digital photo frame – This enchanting digital photo frame from Nixplay has an IPS display .The screen of this device has a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The device also provides wifi connectivity. It even allows you to sync images from Facebook, Dropbox and Google photos. It even has an inbuilt motion sensor which is quite effective in detecting movements.

  • Pix Star 10.4 inch cloud digital photo frame – This device has a screen with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. The Wi-fi connectivity option enables you to send and receive images to and from several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. The device supports SD cards and USB sticks. This digital photo frame is also available in the bigger 15 inch option.

  • Aura Digital photo frame – This digital photo frame is considered to be the best because it provides an unparalleled image quality. The frame is 9.7 inches and is available in attractive ivory and charcoal colours. This colour combination is such that it can suit the décor of every home. The device has a unique feature called companion app. This app helps you to upload pictures from your smart phone .Another major feature is the smart select mode that skips low resolution and blurry images.

  • Nix Advance 8 – inch Digital photo frame – This is considered to be one of the most affordable and best digital photo frame. It has a 8 inch display with 1024 by 768 pixels and a 4:3 aspect ratio. Some of the major features of the device include a SD card, USB slots, motion sensors and stereo speakers.

  • Memento Electronics 35 inches smart frame – This amazing digital photo frame has a gorgeous display panel which enables you to view photos with minute details. You can also upload images using a wifi connection. A free memento app is available which enables people to create customized playlists. The frame is available in a number of finishes and also has a mounting kit.

  • Nixplay Edge 13-inch Wi – fi digital photo frame – This frame has the feature of wi fi connectivity and one can use it to send and receive photos from friends or relatives who stay thousands of miles away. The device comes with a stand which allows you to use it in either landscape or portrait mode.