Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer Services

Permanent residency in Canada through sponsorship program

Necessity for immigration lawyer:

Canada will keep on changing new migration rules and one must need an attorney to get a commercial as well as legal advice and directions to prepare legal documents which is needed to submit at an Canada Immigration Attorney office. Also an attorney will educate their clients on legal rights and they will present them in court as needed.

Choosing the right immigration lawyer:

There are many people who are not good at this profession so choosing the best immigration attorney is very important.

1. Asking friend’s reference for choosing an attorney who is experienced and competent will work well.

2. If the attorney is having many more clients to deal with, then don’t go for that attorney because we will get only less support from them as they need to see all other clients parallel.

3. Selecting lawyers based on their experience, previous cases handled and also reviews of clients.

4. Try to choose an immigration lawyer from firm who will charge fixedly.

5. Choose an immigration lawyer who is knowledgeable person about the complexities of immigration laws as well as experienced in case.


Sponsorship is making sure to provide the financial support and basic requirements such as food, clothing, utilities, shelter, personal requirements and household supplies etc. For the members we are sponsoring. People who are permanent resident in Canada or having citizenship then they can sponsor for family members or relatives in Canada. One must have sponsorship in Canada to get permanent resident. So the applicant’s age and relationship criteria that are considered as follows:

1. Must be a Spouse of Canada citizen of at least 16 years ago.

2. Applicant must be citizen’s parents or grandparents.

3. Applicant must be children or adopted children under 18 years of age

4. Applicant must be sister, brother, nephew or grandchildren under 18 years of age and unmarried.

But the sponsor should meet some eligible requirements in order to sponsor their relatives. Sponsor should have enough financial background to support their immigrant. Sponsor should not have any criminal records of any and should meet the terms of a sponsorship agreement and above 18 years of age. Also sponsor can give sponsorship to his spouse only if they are married under common law and it may take approximately one year to get approval but sponsoring fiancée was removed from immigration law.