Tips to Enhance your IQ Level

Intelligence Quotient has no age barrier. Studies have shown that the intelligence can be improved at any age. The people with good IQ will be more respected compared to others. The good IQ level helps the children to score well and obtain better grades and can obtain better opportunities in future.

Some tips to boost the level of intelligence are given below.

First thing you have to be more focused on the work in which you are involving. Some people easily get distracted to little disturbances. If you have a control on your mind and focus on the work or studies, automatically your intelligence can be boosted. Meditation is a better way to control your mind and improve the ability of focus. If you practice doing meditation 20 minutes a day, it not only improves your level of intelligence but also decreases the stress level.

Reading books is also an important measure to boost your IQ score. The habit of reading good books improves your knowledge and it is a good exercise to your mind. Many legends like Steve Jobs, Abdul kalam and Stephen hawking are fond of reading books. The IQ of Stephen Hawkings is a miracle in the scientific world.

As we know, physical exercise is very much needed to maintain our body health. The same way, the brain needs some exercises. We should make our brain to be active and use often in better ways. This in turn increases your ability of thinking and concentration power. Otherwise, the grasping power and learning potential decreases gradually. These exercises boost your mind and soul and keeps you happy and healthy. Watching TV for continuous hours is also not advisable. It will make your eyes to get strained as well as your mind. If you are addicted to this idiot box, please try to come out of that. Instead of watching TV make a habit of reading books, which are the sources of Knowledge.

One more important thing is to be creative. For a single task, try to think in different perspectives and angles so that we can get the better result. Einstein says, “Creativity is more essential than gaining knowledge”. Creative is a good way to enhance your intelligence. Always try to think in a positive way. If you are having some problem, don’t always think about the negative side. Be positive and be strong, definitely your mind will give you the better solution. Give a chance to your brain to enhance your intelligence and reach good IQ score.