Travel Facts About Singapore

Singapore is a small island in the South East of Asia, where the real beauty of Asia can be explored. Singapore is one of the prominent cities in the world, it provides different kind of experience one cannot be seen in any other countries of Asia. The fact that the Singapore is expensive is the bitter truth one should consider but, it doesn’t mean that you should cancel planning trip there at all. Trip to Singapore will give you a lifetime experience. Here are few travel tips to Singapore which are worth considering.

Make sure that you carry the copy as well as original passport and visa where ever you go. It not only ensures your safety but also it helps you to take a free entry to many places including Marina Bay Sands which offers many gaming facilities and online gaming websites. You are allowed in for free only after seeing identity proof which is checked through your passport.

Singapore is also known as Fine city. Because, every country will have some certain rules to be followed, respecting and abiding the same is a responsibility of a good traveler. Smoking and chewing gum in public places are highly prohibited in Singapore. There are several other rules which can impose a heavy fine and can put anyone behind the bars if not followed wisely.

Another considerable factor is temperature level in Singapore which is consistent all the year. The temperature is usually hot and humid. The best time to visit Singapore is during festive season, one can witness the rich culture and tradition during different festivals like Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Thaipusam, art festival, River festival and many more which makes to you to forget yourself in Singapore.

The city is stunning with its gaming activities. The country legally allows to play lottery games through the service of Singapore pools (visit our site). On 23 May 1968, Singapore Pools was incorporated to curb illegal gambling in Singapore. It gave Singaporeans a legal way to bet on lotteries and countered the widespread illegal betting syndicates present.

TOTO, 4D and Singapore Sweep are the three most common lottery games. Apart from this, even sports betting such as motor racing also entertained. In order to know about the rules and regulations of the lottery game, you simply visit the website and now the company is providing online service too.